The Metropolitan Museum of Art held The beginnings of what would become the sole inspiration for our Spring | Summer 2015 collection. While in New York City this past spring, I observed Pablo Picasso’s The Blind Man’s Meal for the first time. There was an instant connection with the painting and I knew it would have an impact on the next season. The painting evoked such a powerful message of strength, which is exactly what the William Bradley customer represents. 

in a piece saturated with dark shades of blue, picasso drew saddened attention to the man’s hands and ears while leaving his eyes dark. pondering the question of what the blind man might actually see behind those dark eyes, we painted a refreshing palette for spring. You can expect custom prints with swashes of color and delicate silks that melt in your hands. feast your eyes as we share with los angeles for the first time; The Blind Man’s Blessing.